How do you cross dress on meez?

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Does anyone know how to cross dress?
And can you cross dress vip items if you’re vip?
Please explain.
And if you dont know what meez is then please dont try to answer my question.
Add me on meez – oh_what_then

When I frist registered on meez I already knew a lot, because I also play Frenzoo. Maybe you can have a look there and see if it helps you

How would I convince my son to be transexual?

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I don’t have a son, but if I did I’d want him to be transsexual. Otherwise I wouldn’t want a kid at all. Hypothetically if I had one how could I somehow… convince him that that’s what he wants?

You cant.

That question doesnt make sense. Surely it would be easier just to wish for a daughter, instead of wishing for a male child who you’d give the snip too?!

Wishing your child to be a transvestite is different. That would involve your child having the same genitalia they were born with, but feeling free to cross-dress.

Even if that was what you meant. You cannot force a child to live their life a certain way becuase you like the idea of it. That would completely change a whole area of their personality. You can wish for a child who is compassionate and understands thats transexuality is perfectly normal. But why would you wish for a boy who felt like he wasn’t himself in his own skin? Surely childhood is hard enough then to feel you were born the wrong gender.

Pretty Boy to Girl Crossdresser!

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0 Pretty Boy to Girl Crossdresser!Cari Christi is a pretty crossdresser / transvestite from the Boston area who loves modeling and living and enjoying the Transgender lifestyle.

Duration : 0:5:1

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Christians Is it a sin to be a hetero transsexual?

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say you want to be a man that dates women dressed as a woman and you’re not gay is that still a sin.

Doesn’t that make the mtf a lesbian though?

What does it feel like to be transgender?

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I understand that Transgender is a broad term so I will narrow it down a little…What does it feel like to be transsexual? MtF or FtM?
I am transgender, I am all the more realizing that each transperson deals with it differently, I personally don’t hate my body or feel trapped. I simply get sickened by the sight of my genitalia and my flat chest and want to very badly to correct those things. If I put them out of sight…pants on to cover my thing and a bra under a shirt to give the illusion that I don’t have something missing there then I actually feel like I have a female body. I forget my thing exists down there and I look in the mirror and see a woman with a few masculine features. My therapist says, and I agree, that my body is already naturally feminine (5’3", 98lbs, size 0 jeans and small shirts with an hour glass figure and a voice that sounds feminine with little effort) and that’s why I do not feel trapped. I do however when I put on weight begin to feel very trapped because I begin to look less feminine so I keep my weight down to about 98 – 100lbs with a lot of effort eating right (vegetarian and all that)
sometimes though I actually am aware of my man body and feel like crap…get depressed, but in a normal day it maybe a total of an hour spread out in 5 minute chunks throughout the day. I identify with women and feel like one of the girls but do not think of my body as a prison per say, I simply think of my thing as some cancer hanging down there mocking me because I have to feel uncomfortable all the time. My flat chest makes me sad, but other than that I like the body I have and will like it more once I get rid of the facial hair and the hormones fill in my cheeks a little.

I just wanted to know how other people feel about it because I feel like I do not feel exactly the same way as a number of people have described they do.
Also I keep wishing I was a cisgender woman. I was born in a male body and would kill myself if I was a ciggender man. I would rather be a transwoman than a man.

things can only be defined by how they relate to something else. i can’t think of any other feeling anything like being transsexual, so i can’t tell you how it "feels".

if you are questioning your own gender identity, may i suggest you find a good gender therapist and start exploring it with her. transsexualism is just one part of who we are as people, so we each "feel" it differently, by how it relates to the rest of our whole persons’

i will offer up this: it isn’t a mental disorder, it isn’t a sexual fetish, it isn’t because of something that happened to us while we were young…it isn’t a pathology or a defect. transsexualism is a manner of birth….just as is male or female…..we are just integrated….body of one, gender of the other.

this necessarily is confusing to the transsexual. usually the feelings of "wrongness" begin very early. i was telling people around me that i was not a boy as soon as i started talking. they were basing their interpretation of gender by what was between my legs….i had no knowledge of that, but i did know what was in my heart….and that was all girl. so the more they kept insisting i was a boy the more confused i got… could this be? what are they thinking? or is it me, am i crazy? when i found out they all thought i was a boy because of that little nub between my legs, i was relieved….now it seemed easy enough…just cut it off and go about my little girl business.

well, we all know that’s not the answer…but to a three year old it made perfect sense….and any other idea that came up throughout my life, no matter how crazy it might seem…was worthy of consideration as well.

so….basically….i felt like…."i wish everybody would get off focusing on this worthless pee stick between my legs and let me be who i am." i didn’t give two hoots about whether i had a penis or a vagina….i just wanted to wear pretty dresses like the other girls…i wanted to play dolls and house…and i wanted to be the mommy! i didn’t want to be like my dad……all grufty, big and…smelly….i wanted to be like my mommy! and it wasn’t long before i wanted to be a real mommy….i wanted a baby so bad i could almost taste it.

and then i felt like, "this really, really sux big time….i’m never gonna have a baby!" and i was mad as heck. but i learned….this ain’t something you can fight, it’s bigger than all of us… i gave up.

i grew into a shell of a "man". and i felt…"worthless". i basically just quit on life….sucking in air and breathing it out….so meaningless. and i felt like "despair".

and then an old crazy idea came back into the picture….with a new word…."transition"…..and i felt like "wow!" and then God told me to do it….and i felt like…"are You as crazy as i am?" since i’m made in God’s image and all, i guess He is….so i did it. and i felt like, "wow…..this kind of crazy is way underrated!"

and now i feel like….out of insanity comes sanity…..go figure.

much love and hope. pj

are there any other cross dressers who would like to meet in privacy and share sexy outfits and do make up?

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I’ve always wanted to go out in public dressed up feeling sexy as a cross dresser, but have never had the opportunity or courage to go out by myself. So I would like to know if there is anyone else who has the same dilemma as myself.
If so, I would like to meet those who share my fetishes.

well i don’t know any personally though i am transsexual . iwould however point you towards dating sites . there are several crossdresser/trans oriented ones out there and from speaking to some older trans people that lots of the people just meet up on there for events youve just described.

Can you give tips to be a better shopper?

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I have started to cross dress, but I still have my male habits of shopping to quickly. On the other hand I have been to the malls with females and they take more time to choose. What are you looking for when buying stuff.

I have asked a lot of questions on yahoo answers, but I am just trying to be a preety woman!

Are you going for changing your sexual identity on a permanent basis or do you just dress for a temporary feeling and then want to remain a man.

The men I’ve known who just want to cross dress but do not want to change sexes, usually go over the top. Check out the movie SWEET NOVEMBER.

The ones who are beginning to live as women because they are sex changing, usually go for the subtle, less obvious. They see themselves as a certain kind of woman and learn to shop and dress for the kind of woman they wish to become. There is a new series DIRTY, FILTHY MONEY or something to that effect, there is a transsexual who is now one of the most beautiful, sexy women one could hope to see.

Make up your mind. Pretty women come in as many forms as grains of sand on a beach. Decide who you are, then do her to a fair-the-well.

Do you think it is possible for a crossdresser to have straight friends with whom he/she can dress?

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I am a crossdresser and have only a few friends that know this side of me. I would love to have more friends with whom I could share this side of me. Do you think that is possible? Should I just try to make new friends who meet me this way? How would I tell current friends – Yipes?

sure why shouldn’t you find friends who know this side of you. if they don’t know you how you can call them your friends? if they dont accept who you are then huney you don’t need them cause they aint friends anyway. i’m straight female, and totally cool with you being a crossdresser. i’ll be your friend well if your a nice person. friendship should be about people, not about the clothes they wear!

Crossdressing Urges How to control and stop them?

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I keep getting the urge to dress like a girl and have done it once or twice . Whats the best way to get rid of the urges and stop it ?I’m a normal masculine guy other than this -I like fishing hunting and cars so I really don’t want to be a crossdresser. Nothing personal against people who do but I don’t want to.

This is the same answer posted to you previously when you asked the same question in another category, but with a change or two..

It might come as a surprise to you, but there are tens of thousands of guys just like you who as just a masculine and enjoy all the masculine activities that you do AND they are Crossdressers. Many of these are what some people refer to as a "man’s man" at times.

Now, as information for you the ‘urge to dress like a girl’ you are experiencing isn’t unique among the male population. Polls and surveys (both professional and non-professional) seem to indicate that approximately 10% of the male population DOES crossdress on a fairly regular basis. At this time the professional communities have yet to discover any particular reason why one has the NEED to crossdress, but they do acknowledge that it is a need. Furthermore, it appears to be something that some people (female as well as male) are simply born with. Theories abound as to what might be the cause, but these are just that – THEORIES. There are some which are totally out in left field, but there are others which merit closer investigation. One of these is what has been labeled as the ‘Hormone Wash’ theory. Explained simply, what happens is that in a narrow window near the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, the developing fetus receives a massive ‘wash’ of hormones from the mother. This is what determines thousands of characteristics and personality traits the post-birth child will have. Things such as eye/hair color, whether they will be right or left handed, the propensity to be thin or obese later in life, and of greatest importance what their gender will be. It is this time that the ‘hormone wash theory’ is based upon. The theory is that some of the brain’s ‘hard wiring’ gets crossed or short-circuited and among the possibilities is the possibility to be a crossdresser. It is important to note that this is NOT any fault of the individual or his/her parents since it’s something over which no one has any control.

The heterosexual crossdressing need can (and does) lay dormant for periods of time in those individuals affected by it and is USUALLY ‘triggered’ between the ages of 6 and 12 although in a few cases it can bubble to the surface as late as fifty or sixty years of age. Once ‘triggered’ it is just about impossible to suppress the NEED to crossdress. Attempting to do so can lead to stress related disorders, physical health problems, and in rare cases tendencies of suicide. Most of these could be eliminated IF the general public was educated about what heterosexual crossdressing is – more importantly what it ISN’T. Unfortunately, widespread ignorance about the subject causes erroneous ideas that all crossdressers are gay, bisexual, transsexual, etc, which simply is not true. The same polls and surveys mentioned above also indicate that 90% of ALL crossdressers are totally heterosexual and have no intentions of ever being anything otherwise. They are simply more in touch with their feminine sides than most ‘plain vanilla’ males and admire women to a degree seldom reached by most of their male friends.

To answer your question: Experience has pretty much proven that once the crossdressing need has been triggered, it is almost ALWAYS going to be something that can’t be "untriggered". As at least one answerer has already suggested, the best thing you could do is to simply learn to accept yourself, embrace crossdressing, and learn to enjoy it. If your girlfriend (the one who introduced you to it to begin with) is accepting of your need you are that much ahead of the game since she can help you. Fighting the urges will only lead to depression and self-loathing. Research the subject and learn all you can about it. About the only problem you will encounter is the lack of understanding of the general population and even this could be negligible IF you restrict your dressing to the confines of your own four walls. Our society is becoming more tolerant (note that I DIDN’T say more accepting) of crossdressing as well as other lifestyle choices so it may be possible that views will change in the future.

what your favorite thing to wear as a crossdresser or see a crossdresser wearing?

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im a 23 year old crossdresser i love wearing womens shoes the most.. i have over 100 pairs… whats you favorite thing to wear as a crossdresser or if you are a woman or whats you favorite thing to see a crossdresser wearing?

Corset with thigh high stockings and very high heels!